Ask me what’s wrong

I'll say I'm tired
You'll move on
I won't say why
You won't ask
But I'm tired
Tired of people who take presence for granted
Granted my presence is nothing but tired
But I am tired
Tired of the fallout
When you put people on pedestals
They stay long enough to understand the elevation
Noting the vertical distance between you and them
But you put them there
Chose to look up to them
And now there's a fall out
When they fall
You seem them fail
They took your presence for granted
You took their elevation for granted
You wonder now
Whether pedestals were meant to be empty
No people
No places
No pain
Presence perhaps
Pedestals present
But empty
There would be no fall out
But still aspiration
And you'd have the energy to climb
Because you wouldn't be so tired

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