About Me

Hej, hej! My name is Clare McLeod. Thanks for stopping by.


I’m currently a college student enrolled at Cornell University, though I’m unsure I’ll make it back to campus. I was born in Portland, OR and spent some time in Ithaca, NY. Now I live and study in Sweden at the Stockholm School of Economics. I’m majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations but am really down to learn about most things.


Honestly, I clicked this link on Facebook to get paid to write travel blog posts. I’m 50/50 certain it’s a scam. But I’m giving it a shot. I’ve always loved writing – whether it was to vent about my large and loving family that sometimes made my head spin or whether it was to reorganize my research into a readable essay. I hope you enjoy!

WHY 2019?

Why not? I figure I’ll be bouncing around a fair amount in 2019 (and the domain only cost $12 for the whole year). As I bounce around, I want to share that with the people in my life who have made it possible and who care to vicariously bounce around with me. I’m also far from family and friends, at least physically, but alas – the inter-webs connect us.